Your favorite store has a new look!

Your favorite store has a new look!

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, the store has undergone a major makeover in the last few weeks. It was not an easy task, between the installation of the new design, the adjustments to be made and all the items to review, we can say that I have not been idle! That's the reason why I almost totally disappeared from social networks during these last three weeks, I had absolutely no time to connect and post on them.

In fact, my working days were generally from 8am to 9pm, sometimes without a lunch break, because even if the online store was closed during its makeover, I still had the numerous orders of my Etsy store to prepare (which is a good thing! Thanks to everyone!) , as well as a custom order to make (you could have a little glimpse of it thanks to one of my rare posts) and then, of course, the whole store to redo. I can tell you that it was a huge job and that social networks unfortunately had no place in this already overloaded schedule!

But now the online store can reopen its doors! I hope you'll like this new design, which is darker, but which, in my opinion, fits better with the universe of my creations (you'll tell me what you think^^). I still have a few details to redo, like giving you back the wishlist and the back in stock alert requests by email. I also need to finish reviewing each of the item cards in depth since this new design allows me to make them much more attractive and, therefore, I want you to benefit from it.

I invite you to tell me what you think of this new design, and if you would like me to add some little things, like informations that you find useful or features, additional payment methods... Anything that would make you happy and make your life easier! I don't promise that I will be able to fulfill all your requests, but I will do my best!

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