Sigil of Lilith pendant

This sigil of Lilith pendant is handmade with high quality pewter. It is decorated with a natural gemstone or a swarovski crystal, according to your choice. Several gemstones and colors are available. Its 46 cm chain is in stainless steel.

Size of the pendant: 3,1 x 3,2 cm

Crafter: Arcana XIII

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This sigil of Lilith pendant is an original creation of Arcana XIII

It is totally handmade with a fine pewter (97% pure). This high quality pewter does not contain any dangerous substances (like cadmium, nickel, lead, mercury and antimony). The chain is in stainless steel and titanium jumprings. All these metals are hypoallergenic.

Esoteric jewelry by The Witching Hour

About Lilith:

Lilith is a symbol of femininity, beauty, freedom, rebellion, strength and courage.She is the liberator of the women, encouraging women to be strong and to fight for their rights. Lilith is also known to help during the childbirthes and all which concerns the femininity.

She symbolizes the night and the moon, the water, the rose, the snake, the cat, the owl and the hyena.

In the tarot deck, Lilith is associated to the Empress and the High Priestess arcana.

The sigil (seal) of Lilith symbolizes her energy.

Arcana XIII

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