About Melliarine:

I am Emmanuelle, also known under the name Melliarine, in particular for my drawings. I am a big enthusiast of art and esotericism, two domains I love since my earliest childhood thanks to my parents.

From my youngest age, I was already subjugated by the stories of the spiritualism seances in which the members of my family participated. Every meal, every family meeting, was the occasion to tell their experiences, and I adored that. I learnt a lot in this way, and I was attracted thus very early by this practice.

But my passion for the esotericism did not stop there. From the first years of my adolescence, I started to be interested in magic, in Buddhism, and in a rather paradoxical way, in the demonology. After few years, as my knowledge getting bigger, I began to practise rites. And one thing leading to another, I started studying Wicca, which attracted me a lot for its aspect so close to the nature.

I learnt divination, with pendulum, tarots and oracles, runes and oneiromancy. And my love of nature made me to study crystals. Then I discovered another passion, which is very useful for me in the work of my esoteric and professional practices.

It is these passions for art, esotericism and nature that made me to create The Witching Hour. Since its opening at the beginning of 2012, I do not stop enlarging the shop and developing it to realize all the projects I have in mind to bring you something unique.

About The Witching Hour:

The Witching Hour bases itself above all on the quality crafts and on the creativity. All the creations are inspired by black arts, paganism, nature, spirituality, but also the Gothic and Elven imagings. All the proposed products are realized with the biggest care by watching to respect the meanings of the used symbols, as well as the choice of stones with which they are decorated.

The creations of the other crafters are also chosen carefully, according to the quality of the used materials, but also to their creativity.

The esotericism being a domain where numerous people like possessing items which belong only to them, so the shop also proposes you some creations in unique item to allow you to acquire products which only you will wear and will use.

If you are also passionate by the spirituality and the esoteric practices, do not hesitate to join the blog of the shop. You will find all the new products, but also many articles about esotericism, as well as informations about the shop and the creations in progress.

If you possess your own shop, and if you wand to become a retailer of The Witching Hour creations, you can contact me via the contact form planned for that purpose, I will answer you as soon as possible to communicate you my price list and the modalities of wholesale.

You can also find the shop on the social networks, what will allow you to be informed of all the new items:

Our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/The.Witching.Hour.Shop

Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheWitchingH

I hope you wil enjoy the visit of the shop, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email via the contact form, I will answer you as soon as possible.

A big thank you for your support and your interest for the creations!