The Witching Hour is first and foremost a brand of jewelry and handcrafted items whose goal is to offer you quality products that respect the planet and all the creatures that live on it.

By purchasing our brand's products, not only are you guaranteed to receive items made on a small scale, by hand and with love, but you are also supporting a passionate creator who makes it a point of honor to respect all living beings and our beautiful planet.

Handmade, sustainable and vegan creations

All our creations are handmade in our small workshop located in the Vosges mountains of France. Each item takes time to be made from quality materials, but that only makes it a little more unique and precious. This is why some of them are often out of stock, but don't worry, we rarely stop making an item! So if you want a piece of jewelry or an object that is out of stock, don't hesitate to use the email alert function to be notified when it is available again!

All of our creations are made to last for many, many years, and even your lifetime if you take care of them, thus reducing overproduction of waste. We also do not use animal materials such as natural feathers, leather, cultured pearls or other stones from shellfish like abalone. Our creations are therefore cruelty free.

The pewter alloy we use to make our jewelry is the purest possible (97%), it does not contain any substance potentially dangerous to health and is hypoallergenic.

We also take care not to use unnecessary packaging for our products. Jewelry, pendulums and runes are sold in velvet pouches that you can keep and use to store them. All of our decorative items are sold without cardboard packaging that would end up in the trash, we prefer to send them to you with only the necessary protections for their transport, so we reduce waste as much as possible!

In addition, whenever possible, we use recycled and recyclable packaging.


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