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The Witching Hour ☽ Welcome on The Witching Hour online store ☾

Jewelry and occult supplies handmade in France

Located in the heart of the Vosges mountains, my little workshop likes to draw its inspiration from the magnificent landscapes that surround me, but also from the magic and mystery that lurks in these places. There is nothing more inspiring than a wisp of mist that intertwines in the immense fir forests that cover our beautiful mountains.

Passionate about occultism and paganism, I also like to adorn my creations with all sorts of esoteric symbols from renowned books, ancient grimoires, or sometimes invented by myself in an intuitive way.

Far from mass production and all forms of assembly-line manufacturing, I have chosen to make all my products by hand, in small quantities. Because in this world of over-consumption, I prefer to take the time to offer you quality, hand-made products that will accompany you in your daily life or within your occult practices.

My greatest desire is to allow you to put a little sweetness, dream and magic in your daily life!

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