Tree of life - Yggdrasil

Tree of life - Yggdrasil

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Tree of life pendant

Price €21.00

This tree of life pendan, a symbol of balance between spirituality and materiality, is totally handmade with high quality pewter. It is sold with a stainless steel chain. - Fine pewter pure at 97% (hypoallergenic) - Handmade - Stainless steel chain of 60 cm / 24" (hypoallergenic) - Diameter of the pendant: 3,9 cm

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Tree of life and pentagram pendant "The Hidden Light"

From Price €38.50

This pendant combines the symbolism of the pentagram with the tree of life. It represents life, the universe and its mysteries, as well as the balance between spirituality and materiality. It is decorated with a large stone of 20 mm, appearing between the branches and on the back of the pendant. This will allow you to wear it on both sides. - High quality...

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Tree of life pendant "Yggdrasil Mysteries"

From Price €34.00

This pewter pendant represents Yggdrasil, surrounded with runes, with a moon crescent as the symbol of the world of Gods, and with a crow skull, as the symbol of the world of the dead. The pendant is decorated with a gemstone cabochon of 6 mm. Various gemstones are available. Size of the pendant: 5 x 3,9 cm Length of the chain: 46 cm Crafter: The Witching...

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Tree of life pendant "Aeraliaa" - Double sided pendant

From Price €37.00

This tree of life pendant is totally handmade with high quality pewter. A natural gemstone cabochon of 20 mm is fixed under the tree of life, and appears through the branches creating a beautiful contrast. The pendant is sold with a stainless steel chain of 46 or 60 cm, according to your choice. This pendant is double sided. Diameter of the pendant: 2,2 cm