Inverted pentagrams

The pentagram is a five-pointed star surrounded by a circle. The branches of the pentagram symbolize the mind and the elements (water, earth, air, fire) connected by the great whole symbolized by the circle.

When the pentacle is inverted, as here, the mind is considered to be turned to the earth, and therefore to materiality. This symbol was also a symbol of protection that can still be found in some religious buildings (Amiens Cathedral, Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre...).

The inverted pentagram was also used by Satanism, considering that if the mind is turned to the earth, it is also turned to what is under the earth, si the hell.

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Inverted pentagram pendant "Samhain Night"

Price €38.00

This inverted pentagram pendant, ancient pagan symbol of protection, is adorned with a large natural gemstone cabochon that you can choose via the drop-down menu. The stone appears through the pentagram, creating a beautiful contrast, but also on the back of the pendant, which allows you to wear it on the both sides. - High quality pewter, 97% pure and...

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Inverted pentagram pendant "Lunanimae Terra"

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This pendant brings together the symbols of the inverted pentagram and the crescent moon, imaging the balance between the sky and the earth, and so, between the material and spiritual worlds. The pendant is surrounded by ivy leaves to make reference to nature. The crescent moon is surmounted by an amethyst, a garnet or a rainbow moonstone cabochon,...

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Inverted pentagram and moon crescent pendant

From Price €45.00

This pendant combines the symbol of the inverted pentagram with the triple moon, representing the triple goddess. It is designed to be worn on the pentagram side or on the stone side according to your desires! - Fine pewter pure at 97% (hypoallergenic) - Handmade - Natural onyx and garnet - Stainless steel chain of 46 cm / 17" - Size of the pendant: 5 x...