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Pentagram and raven skull pendant "Orestëan's Secret"

Regular price €38.00 -10% Du Price €34.20

This pentagram pendant adorned with a raven skull, feathers and a moon crescent evokes the mystery of the universe and the cycles of life and death.The pentagram symbolizing the nature elements (water, earth, air, fire) linked to the spirit in the immensity of the universe, invites you, through this pendant, to see beyond the physical domain and its...

"Meownight" cat pendant

Du Price €36.00

This pewter pendant which represents a cat watching at a night sky, is decorated with an onyx or an amethyst cabochon, according to your choice. Its chain is in stainless steel. This pendant is made to allow you to wear the stone on your skin but also to be double sided. It is sold with a stainless steel chain. Size of the pendant: 2,2 x 2,3 cm Length of...

Ouroboros and wolf pendant "The Wolf Song"

Regular price €21.00 -10% Du Price €18.90

This ouroboros and wolf pendant is totally handmade with high quality pewter. Il is decorated with a swarovski crystal or a natural gemstone that you can choose via the drop down menu. It is sold with a stainless steel chain of 46 cm. Diameter of the pendant: 2,6 cm