Sigil of Lucifer

Sigil of Lucifer

The sigil of Lucifer appeared for the first time in the Grimorium Verum. It represents the energy of Lucifer and can be used in various occult practices. Lucifer can be seen as a God, as an egregore, or as a symbol of spiritual growth through work and knowledge, depending of believes.

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Sigil of Lucifer pendant

From Price €36.00

This pendant depicting the sigil of Lucifer, a symbol of his energy and a metaphor of spiritual growth through work and knowledge, is decorated with a large swarovski crystal. - High quality pewter pure at 97% (hypoallergenic) - Totally handmade - Authentic swarovski crystal - Adjustable stainless steel chain of 45,5 to 55,5 cm - Size of the sigil of...

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Sigil of Lucifer pendulum necklace with red tiger eye

From Price €46.00

The sigil of Lucifer, which symbolizes his energy, is combined to the red tiger eye, a stone considered as protective and symbolically connected to the earth, to offer you an original pendulum necklace that will accompany you in your everyday life. To adapt it to your needs, you can choose the length of your chain via the drop-down menu! - High quality...

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"The Luciferian Path" sigil of Lucifer pendulum

Price €53.00

This pendulum is made up of a fine pewter sigil of Lucifer piece decorated with a large black onyx cabochon on its back, and of a black onyx pendulum stone hanging from the sigil. The onyx appears through the sigil of Lucifer, creating an attractive contrast. Its stainless steel chain is decorated with two onyx beads and it ends with a pewter pentagram...

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Sigil of Lucifer pendant "The Luciferian Path"

From Price €39.50

This sigil of Lucifer pendant is totally handmade with high quality pewter. A natural gemstone cabochon of 20 mm is fixed on its back and appears through the seal of Lucifer, creating an attractive contrast. Several gemstones are available via the drop down menu. This pendant is made to allow you to wear the stone on your skin but also to be double sided....