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Ouija sigil de Lilith
  • Ouija sigil de Lilith
  • Ouija sigil de Lilith
  • Ouija sigil de Lilith
  • Ouija sigil de Lilith
  • Ouija sigil de Lilith
  • Ouija sigil de Lilith
  • Ouija sigil de Lilith
  • Ouija sigil de Lilith

Wooden ouija board adorned with the Lilith's sigil

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This ouija board features Lilith's sigil surrounded by a triple moon and flowers linked to Lilith's energy. Handcrafted in our small workshop, this ouija board has been engraved, then painted and varnished by hand. Its pointer has glass feet to make it easy to move on the board.

  • Wooden board (okoumé) plywood 25 x 35 cm
  • Engraved, painted and varnished board
  • Hand-crafted in our French workshop
  • Matching pointer adorned with a glass cabochon
Ouija sigil de Lilith

Wooden ouija board adorned with the Lilith's sigil



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Wooden ouija board

adorned with Lilith's sigil


  • Exclusive design

    This ouija board is an exclusive creation of our brand. It has been designed and handcrafted in our small French workshop.

  • Perfect planchette glide

    This ouija board is embellished with a matching planchette (pointer), topped with a magnifying glass cabochon and small glass feet, ensuring ease of movement on the board, which proves invaluable when practicing spiritualism.

Sigil of Lilith ouija board

About Lilith

Lilith is a symbol of femininity, beauty, freedom, rebellion, strength and courage. She is the liberator of women, encouraging them to be strong and assert their rights. Lilith is also known to help with childbirth and all matters relating to femininity.

She is associated with night and the lunar star, water, roses, snakes and felines, especially cats, owls and hyenas.

In tarot, Lilith is symbolized by the Empress and High Priestess. She is often associated with Ishtar / Inanna, Isis, or Kitra among vampyres. In Luciferian Wicca, Lilith embodies the goddess, symbolizing the feminine energy of the universe (associated with the god, Lucifer, symbolizing masculine energy).

Spiritualism with a Ouija board

Contrary to what superstition tells us, the ouija board is not a tool that necessarily attracts evil spirits. It's simply a very practical tool for practising spiritualism. It's up to each individual to use it safely, by learning enough about the practice and always having material on hand to protect oneself in the event of a bad encounter. Spiritualism is a spiritually enriching activity, but there are many dangers involved, which are not linked to the ouija board itself, but to communication with spirits. That's why it's advisable to be well-informed on the subject, and to practice with serious, experienced people.

For further information, please consult our blog (in French)


  • Plywood
  • Handmade
  • Exclusive design

Data sheet

Pagan, Esoteric, Celtic
25 cm
35 cm
1 cm
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Wooden ouija board adorned with the Lilith's sigil (68 EUR)


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