Esoteric jewelry inspired by the occult and the gothic culture


We propose you pagan jewelry, inspired by nature, occultism and gothic culture. Every jewelry of our brand is totally handmade from high quality pewter and natural gemstones. No mass production here! Everything is handmade in our small french studio, with passion and ethic.

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  • Gemstones: Light purple swarovski
  • Gemstones: Purple and orange labradorite
  • Gemstones: Onyx and garnet
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Sigil of Lilith necklace "The Black Rose"

From Price €32.00

This necklace celebrates Lilith through her sigil, here surrounded by a moon crescent adorned with a delicate black rose, leaves and swarovski crystals. different colors are available thanks to the drop-down menu. The black roses represent passion, mystery and feminity, whom Lilith is a powerful symbol, but also the night, enhanced by the image of the...

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Sigil of Azazel pendant

From Price €40.00

This sigil of Azazel pendant is adorned with a natural black onyx cabochon, appearing through the sigil, but also on the back of the pendant, which allows you to wear it on the both sides. The sigil of Azazel is also decorated with a purple or a red swarovski crystal, according to your choice. - High quality pewter, pure at 97% (hypoallergenic) - Natural...

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Sigil of Asmoday (Asmodeus) pendant

From Price €40.50

This sigil of Asmoday pendant is adorned with a natural gemstone cabochon of 20 mm, which appears through the sigil, creating a beautiful contrast. The sigil of Asmoday is also decorated with a small gemstone cabochon of 4 mm. Several gemstones are available via the drop-down menu. - High quality pewter, pure at 97% (hypoallergenic) - Natural gemstones -...

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Sigil of Belial pendant

From Price €41.50

This sigil of Belial pendant is adorned with a large gemstone on its back, appearing through the sigil and creating a beatiful contrast. It is also decorated with a small gemstone cabochon on the front. You can choose your stone via the drop-down menu. - High quality pewter, 97% pure and hypoallergenic - Handmade - Natural gemstones - Stainless steel...

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Pentagram pendant "Millianaë"

From Price €54.00

This pentagram pendant representing the union of the spirit to the elements (water, earth, air and fire) is adorned with a natural gemstone cabochon on its back. This cabochon appears through the pentagram creating a beautiful contrast. It also allow you to wear this pendant on the both sides, the one with the pentgram or the one with the stone. -Fine...