Natural stone pendant "Gaia's Song"
      Natural stone pendant "Gaia's Song"
      Natural stone pendant "Gaia's Song"
      Natural stone pendant "Gaia's Song"

      Natural stone pendant "Gaia's Song"

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      Little treasure inspired by nature, this pendant holds between its leaves a natural stone of 12 x 16 mm. Customizable, you can choose your stone and the length of your chain via the drop-down menu!

      • High quality pewter pur at 97% (hypoallergenic)
      • Totally handmade in our small french studio
      • Natural stone that you can choose via the drop-down menu
      • Stainless steel chain of 46 or 60 cm (17" or 24"), hypoallergenic
      • Size of the pendant: 2,5 x 1,8 cm
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      Onyx pendant

      Natural stone pendant

      "Gaia's Song"


      • This pendant is an exclusive design of The Witching Hour
      • It is totally handmade from high quality materials in our french studio

      Amethyst necklace

      To choose your stone

      Black onyx is considerate as a memory stone, as it would have the capacity to absorbate memories via the energy generated by the emotions. This is why onyx stone is often used to work on past lives.

      This pure black stone contrasts perfectly with the pewter color. 


      Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It acts on the crown chakra and the third eye, and promotes meditation. Because of its purifying properties, it is very useful to help create an energy shield that will protect you from the surrounding negativity.

      Amethyst stimulates intuition, favours visions and dreams, and is therefore recommended for divination and oniromancy, but also for working to increase psychic capacities, especially clairvoyance. On a psychological level, amethyst helps to calm nervousness, as well as to remain concentrated.


      Rose quartz is a very soft stone that balances the heart chakra, and therefore our relationships with others. It evokes unconditional love and harmony.

       Onyx pendant

      The tiger eye is a stone of protection which repels the negative energies. Placed on the third eye, during a meditation, it helps to develop extrasensory capacities. Balances the lower chakras.


      Lapis lazuli is a dark blue stone with gold flecks. This beautiful stone opens the third eye chakra, helps in dream work and in developing psychic abilities.

      Its deep blue color invites a feeling of serenity. Energetically, lapis lazuli protects against psychic attacks.


      Amber is a fossilized plant resin of orange color. Particularly linked to the earth, amber is a very good anchor stone.

      It purifies the chakras by transforming negative energy into positive energy. On the mental level, amber stimulates the intellect and promotes a positive state of mind.

      The quality of our jewelry

      3 Items

      Data sheet

      High quality pewter (97% pure), Stainless steel and natural gemstone
      2,5 cm
      1,8 cm
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      Natural stone pendant "Gaia's Song" (32 EUR)

      Our quality policy

      All our designs are made of high quality pewter, 97% pure and corresponding to the European standards (without lead, nickel, mercury, cadmium or antimony). The chains and rings are made of stainless steel. All these metals are hypoallergenic, which means that the risk of being allergic to them is extremely low.

      All the stones used to make the jewelry of our brand are of course natural (unless otherwise stated in the description) and selected with great care.

      The pewter alloy we use is the finest there is, its purity allows it to be used for tableware, in other words, it is so pure that you can eat on it! Although we do not recommend eating on your jewelry!

      This pewter alloy requires no special maintenance and is made to last for many years.

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