Wooden ouija board "Raven's Wisdom"

Let the wisdom of the ravens guides you during your spiritualism seances with this wooden ouija board. The designs engraved in the wood refer to the tree of life and the crows Hugin and Munin, the messengers of Odin.

- Plywood board of 25 x 35 cm, totally handmade

- Painted and varnished

- Matching pointer with magnifying glass and glass feet for easy movement on the board

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Handmade creation

Pagan Online Store The Witching Hour

Wooden ouija board

"Raven's Wisdom"


Wooden ouija board


This ouija board is an exclusive design of The Witching Hour

It was design and totally handmade in our french workshop

Hand-painted and varnished, this ouija board comes with a matching pointer, topped with a magnifying glass and small glass feet, ensuring ease of movement on the board.

Contrary to what superstition tells us, the ouija board is not a tool that necessarily attracts evil spirits. It is simply a very practical tool for practising spiritualism. It is up to each person to use it safely, by becoming sufficiently informed about this practice and by always having material on hand to protect oneself in case of a bad encounter. Spiritualism is a spiritually enriching activity, but there are many dangers involved, which are not related to the Ouija board, but to the communication with spirits itself. This is why it is advisable to be well informed on the subject and to practice with serious and experienced people.


Handmade     Made In France

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Viking, Esoteric, Celtic
25 cm
35 cm
1 cm
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Wooden ouija board "Raven's Wisdom" (61 EUR)

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