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Pentagram necklace "Purple soul"

Price €25.00

This pentagram necklace is adorned with a purple swarovski crystal drop. Its small size makes it a delicate jewelry easy to be worn in your everyday life. - Totally handmade - High quality pewter, 97% pure and hypoallergenic - Ajustable stainless steel chain from 36 to 46 cm (hypoallergenic) - authentic swarovski crystal - size of the pendant: 3,8 x 2 cm

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"Ivyana Faorelia" triquetra necklace

From Price €31.00

This necklace representing a triquetra surrounded with ivy leaves is adorned with a natural gemstone of 6 mm and swarovski crystal drop. The triquetra is a pagan symbol representing the triple goddess, or sometimes the natural elements (air, water and fire). - High quality pewter, 97% pure and hypoallergenic - Natural gemstones that you can choose via the...

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Ouija necklace

Price €52.00

This pewter necklace which represents a ouija pointer with ivy leaves is decorated with a rainbow moonstone or an onyx, according to your choice. Its stainless steel chain is adjustable. Size of the oui-jà pointer + Leaves: 8,5 x 5,3 cm Length of the chain: 44 to 54 cm Crafter: The Witching Hour