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"Ivyana Faorelia" triquetra necklace

Du Price €29.90

This necklace is surmounted with a triquetra pendant surrounded with ivy leaves and decorated with a natural gemstone of 6 mm (several gemstones are available). A swarovski crystal drop is hanging from the triquetra, it can be black or clear with iridescent reflections, depending of the stone you will choose (as shown on pictures). The adjustable chain is...

"Mysteries of the Sacred Heart" inverted pentacle necklace

Du Price €39.00

This necklace adorned with an inverted pentagram surrounded by two gargoyles is inspired by a pentagram hidden in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre. Symbol of perfection, beauty and love, this necklace was handmade from high quality pewter. It is decorated with two natural stone cabochons and a black swarovski crystal drop. - Fine pewter pure...

Ouija necklace

Price €52.00

This pewter necklace which represents a ouija pointer with ivy leaves is decorated with a rainbow moonstone or an onyx, according to your choice. Its stainless steel chain is adjustable. Size of the oui-jà pointer + Leaves: 8,5 x 5,3 cm Length of the chain: 44 to 54 cm Crafter: The Witching Hour

"Karnaphrost" necklace

Price €82.00

This pewter necklace is decorated with blue, white and black swarovski crystals. Its stainless steel chain is adjustable. Size of the pewter part: 7,5 x 15,8 cm Maximum length of the chain: 46 cm Crafter: Arcana XIII