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Esoteric and pagan pendants


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  • Price: €7.00 - €8.00

Pentagram pendant

Regular price €22.00 -60% Price €8.80

This pentagram pendant is totally handmade from fine pewter. Representing the union of the spirit to the elements, the pentagram is an unmissable classic! -Fine pewter pure at 97% (hypoallergenic) -Handmade -Stainless steel chain of 46 cm / 17" (hypoallergenic) -Diameter of the pendant: 3 cm

Chaos star pendant "spikeless chaos star"

Regular price €19.50 -70% Price €5.85

This pewter chaos star pendant is inspired by the gothic architecture and is decorated with a red swarovski crystal. Sold with a stainless steel chain. - High quality pewter pure at 97% (hypoallergenic) - Totally handmade - Stainless steel chain of 60 cm / 24" (hypoallergenic) - Size of the pendant: 4,2 x 4,2 cm