L'Étrange Noël des Sorciers

L'Étrange Noël des Sorciers

On November 04 and 05 at the Fort de Bron, l'Étrange Noël des Sorciers opens its doors to you for the very first time!

The Yggdrasil Festival team invites you to discover an enchanting and fantastic world, where you'll come across all types of magic! A living exhibition where you are the sorcerer!

Travel through an exceptional historical setting, entirely themed for the event!

For 2 h 30, visit this incredible magical alleyway, accessible only a few hours a year. Will you be one of the privileged few?

The enchanted caravan awaits you for a unique experience halfway between Halloween and Christmas...

L'étrange noël des sorciers

L'Étrange Noël des Sorciers


on sept. 30, 2023


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