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Sigil of Lucifer necklace with black onyx

Price €21.00

This necklace depicting the sigil of Lucifer, a symbol of his energy and a metaphor of spiritual growth through work and knowledge, is decorated with a black onyx cabochon. - High quality pewter pure at 97% (hypoallergenic) - Totally handmade - Natural black onyx - Adjustable stainless steel chain of 45,5 to 55,5 cm - Size of the sigil of Lucifer: 3 x 2,5 cm

Seal of Mitzrael pendant

Regular price €18.00 -25% Price €13.50

The seal of the Angel Mitzrael, symbole of freedom, self development and evolution, is represented by this handcrafted pendant. -Fine Pewter pur at 97% (hypoallergenic) -Handmade -Red swarovski crystal -Sold with a stainless steel chain of 46 cm / 17" (hypoallergenic) -Diameter of the pendant: 3,5 cm